Collaborate with us.

Through partnerships, we can create impact on a larger scale.

We collaborate

We’ve been working with local educators, employment service providers and employers for more than 20 years. By doing so, we gain a rich understanding of the unique regional barriers that prevent workers from fully accessing the job market.

We look at the whole picture

The most effective bridge-to-work programming starts with a holistic review of both employers’ and trainees’ needs, the regionalized factors that contribute to success in learning and the supports that can smooth the transition to work.

We share our knowledge

We work locally, but our successes are passed on to community-based agencies from coast to coast to coast so that others can benefit from what we know.

We make great partners

We have an extensive history of working alongside various organizations on a variety of innovative training programs.

Our Expertise

  • Funding option analysis
  • Needs analyses for programs and providers
  • Literature reviews
  • Proposal development support
  • Program conceptualization, design and development
  • Assessment and evaluation design and support
  • Implementation support
  • Instructor training
  • Assessor training
  • Customized learning materials
  • Curriculum development